You will appreciate the incomparable flavor of our teas. If you brew the tea following our recommendations, we can guarantee you will have an unforgettable experience of superb taste. Even though if you fail to brew tea in the right way (timing or proportions), anyway you will be satisfied with the richness and fullness of the taste.
Apart from fresh teas we also offer the older, ripe teas of the same varieties so you could have a chance to compare them yourself and feel the difference. We are sure you will appreciate the noble notes which appear with time. After a decade of storing, the tea is transformed into a powerful drink full of medicinal properties. Such teas are highly valued in China, the connoisseurs are ready to pay for them ten, even hundred times compared to the same fresh varieties of tea. In this world there are not so many material thingsĀ  which could increase in price with such a rapid pace in so short time.