We packed tea in small bags of 5 or 8 grams, depending on the type of tea, specially for your convenience. The size of the Chinese classic teapot for brewing tea, on average, is not bigger than 200 milliliters. That is the correct amount of water for one bag of tea. This ratio ensures the best taste. If your teapot is bigger than 350 milliliters, we recommend to brew 2 bags of tea. However, to achieve the best taste, we wouldn't recommend using large teapots.
Put tea into a warm teapot. While the water is heating up, you have a couple of minutes to enjoy aromas of dry tea leaves. Our tea withstands up to 20 brewing. Water should be 95 degrees of Fahrenheit Celsius. First two brewing should not infuse too long. Tea should be poured out into cups immediately.

Enjoy the rich flavors of the HONG SHAN tea.